Hi! I’m @ftlsid. I’m a scientist-adventurer-writer in search of fun and freedom. I quit my full-time engineering job in April of 2022. Since then, I’ve been traveling, creating, and figuring out what it means to live well.

I also write on substack at cybermonk. If you’d like to support me, buy me a coffee!

# Best of @ftlsid

# Escaping full-time work

# Being

How should one act?

Immersion in fantasy as a child really affected my perception of reality.

Some tweets that I find meaningful:

# Strategy

I have a tendency to analyze the world like a machine. The following pages are slices of that mindset.

# Japan

I have an ongoing love affair with Japan; I grew up watching anime, I speak Japanese fluently, and I’ve traveled all over Japan several times.

# Sci/tech

I’ve been building electronics and writing software since I was very young. I’m also an independent researcher, and I’ve studied male pattern baldness and artificial life extensively. One of my long-running goals is to understand the computational basis for evolution.

This website contains my notes. You can navigate using the graph below, search by pressing /, or visit the index of all notes.