Never public markets

Last updated Jan 16, 2023

A market is a place where different parties are matched for some sort of exchange of value. Generally, in a market, you want a matching that gives you the best bang for your buck.

If you participate in a public market, without a barrier to entry, then you’re forced to compete with literally everyone for good matches. Ultimately, you’ll probably get an average match and have to pay a fair price. You don’t want this. (Against fairness)

Instead, if you have a way to circumvent the market and do the matching procedure yourself, you can just set things up so they work out optimally for you. You should find out how to do this whenever possible; see also @visakanv’s post: solve for distribution.

If you want exceptional outcomes, avoid public markets like dating apps and job websites. You won’t get the best partner or job possible; just an average one given your value or ability.

The main alternative is to Become the broker.